Beauty Healing

A spiritual touch with every experience.

Our collection of Beauty Healing Treatments are designed to bring harmony and reveal the divine essence within. At Yäan our skin care professional and beauty healer brings the essence of crystals and energy work to all aspects of your therapies. 


Yäan facials are holistically designed using natural vegan products selected for their highly effective healing properties. Our skin care professional will create a personalized treatment to bring you back into balance using specific organic botanical blends for your skin type.


Our 75min firming facial treatment is perfectly customized to purify, balance and moisturize the skin. To recover radiance and firmness we will cleanse and exfoliate the face with plant based ingredients, tone with botanicals that harness healing aromatherapy with uplifting properties, replenish and moisturize your skin with natural and potent nutrients and vitamins. This treatment comes with en exclusive facial massage, which provides immense results with an instantaneous lifting effect.


LUMINOUS FACIAL   75 MIN / $220 usd
Designed to remove all impurities and fade away the damages caused by pollution, our comprehensive experience takes a full spectrum approach by caring for your skin and holistic wellbeing.After analyzing skin type and needs, the application of a gentle exfoliating scrub and several hydrating and detoxifying masks, we tone and replenish at a deep cellular level to regain a new radiance.