Let us help you reach your ultimate healthy being
Yäan Wellness believes in addressing the whole being holistically, integrating the healing of the mind, body and spirit as one.


We have a team of professionals, from renown psychologist PHD Bobby Klein offering life- changing intuitive counseling, medical professionals offering ozone therapy and hydro therapeutic colon therapy, to nutritionist designing juice and detox cleansing programs particular to your physiognomy.


Join us for yoga and meditation at our tree top yoga shala.  Our world experienced yoga teachers bring to each class a conscience practice, awareness and balance, combining a full spectrum of healing to each level of practitioner.

50 min/$190 usd

With warm ozone water and medical massage, using state of the art colon hydrotherapy equipment, our medical practitioner cleanses your entire colon with comfort and in a safe environment. Combined with ozone therapy, your body fills with anti-oxidents and nourishment while all toxic and debris are removed.

We recommend to combine colon hydrotherapy with a detox  juice cleanse for a more holistic approach and complete detoxification of the overall system

$100 usd/ per day


Yäan Wellness cold press juice  cleanses will replenish your body with powerful nutrients, vitamins, minerals and enzymes. 100% raw, natural and fresh vegetable and fruit juices, smoothies, tonics and teas will enliven your system and aid in your detoxification.  Our cleanses have been designed to eliminate built-up toxins and allow the body’s natural healing abilities to take place, while leaving you feeling healthy, energized, and renewed.


Choose from one of our signature Cold Press Juice Cleanses that have each been specially designed for a specific health goal, or from one of our Cleanse Spa Packages for a more comprehensive and holistic detoxification experience.


We Offer 1 to 5 Day cleanses: the intensity of the cleanse will vary based on the number of days chosen.

*Each cleanse includes six delicious juices and smoothies that are delivered to your doorstep between 8 and 9 am each day.
*Inside your cooler you will receive instructions and detox tips to help you improve and enhance your cleanse experience.

Detox packages

Price $485


1  Cold Press Juice Cleanse of choice
1  Hour Healing Water Therapies
1  Yoga class am or pm
1  Colonic
1  90 min Detox & Flow Massage 


Price $1095


3  Day Cold Juice Cleanse of choice
1   Yoga class per day am or pm
2  Colonics (first and last days)
1  Sobada Maya Massage
1  90 min Body Scrub and Clay Treatment


Price $1780


5 Day Cold Press Juice Cleanse of choice
Holistic nutrition consultation and follow up
1 Yoga class per day am or pm
3 Colonics
1  90 min Detox & Flow massage
1  80 min Sobada Maya
1  60 min Yaan Balancing Massage
1  90 min Body Scrub & Clay Treatment
* Treatments to be booked throughout the 5 days

*All Prices include 1 hour of the Healing Water Circuit of Steam, Sauna and Pools.

Energetic Healing and Life Path Counceling


Dr.Bobby Klein is well known in Europe and the Americas as a multi dimensional healer, life path counselor and therapist. He is also the Director of Yäan Wellness Energy Spa. In his sessions, through his training and his ability to transfer a dynamic energetic life force, the power and mysteries of the universal life force are accessed for healing of the body, mind and spirit. He is a light worker, intuitive spiritual guide and teacher. The energy channels and the wisdom he imparts have been healing and life changing for his clients for over 40 years.


Intuitive Life Path Counseling For Individuals:
$350 usd


Through psychic investigation, dream analysis, therapeutic counseling you will be able to gain the tools and processes that change negative ways of thinking, quietening the inner critic allowing you to go into a peaceful quiet loving space. Bobby Klein’s intuitive counselling sessions for individuals are directed to bring clarity to his client’s life path. By getting in touch with intuitive and traditional healing methods, your inner guides, in combination with Bobby’s intuitive guidance will open your healing and your trust for your inner wisdom.


Communication for Couples, Families and Associates:
$400 usd


In these one or two hour counseling session couples are made to feel safe and are given the practical tools and processes that will bring truth and clarity to the forefront of their relationship. No matter what the length of your union, clear communication is the key to achieving a healthy vibrant and loving bond. In these sessions both partners will be empowered as they recognize where and why obstacles may exist that cause misunderstanding and disconnect. In session you will be guided to open the doors of your heart and mind to intimacy, healing and communication. This is the powerful and beautiful work that will deepen your love of self and compassion for each other.

Join us at 10 am Thursday through Sunday to practice Yoga at Yäan’s Tree Top Yoga Shala. Our Yoga teachers have traveled the world studying different modalities and provide the class with a personalized experience for the student.


Yoga Classes


Visitors: $20 USD

Locals: $100 MXN


Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday

10:00 am / 75min



Sound Journey Every Thursday

Visitors: $ 35 USD

Locals: $300MXN

5:00 pm / 60min