Our healing waters circuit consist of warm and cool massage pools, sauna and steam room with an adjacent marble -stone Hamam.


The spa uses natural cenote waters, crystalline springs from the Yucatan’s natural sink holes, that are purified through a complex osmosis system and ultraviolet beams of light, offering magical and vital liquid water therapy in Tulum.


Your treatments will begin with 1 hour of the  healing water circuit which is included with every service. Your journey through the waters will cleanse, relax and purify you allowing you to let go and fully receive the benefits of your chosen therapy.


Your personal Valet will be there to guide you through the circuit, offering fresh tea made from herbs form our rooftop garden as well as a natural scrub to stimulate your senses and for you to enjoy in our marble hot stone Hammam room.



* One complimentary hour of the spa’s healing water therapies is included in every service you book. 
( Except Yoga, Meditation, Waxing &  Nail Care)


* Healing Water Sessions may not be booked as an individual service.

Organically grown ingredients are harvested at Yäan Wellness in order to bring you the best plant based therapies.


Yäan’s organic rooftop garden grows flowers and herbs such as rosemary, lavender, mint, lemongrass and such medicinal and sacred herbs of rue, arnica, and anise used in spa rituals and treatments such as “Limpias” , healing baths and natural body scrubs. Therapist pick daily from our garden to prepare ingredients for spa treatments and cleansing rituals.

In our traditional temazcal, or Mexican Sweat lodge, you will experience the beauty and power of ceremonial cleansing, entering a deeply purifying experience and spiritual place.


Temazcales were used in the ancient practice of Pre- hispanic Mesoamerica by the Mayans and Aztec people. The traditional Mexican sweat lodge was considered to be a therapeutic and medicinal instrument, ceremonies were preformed to cleanse and aid in spiritual transformation and physical healing. The Mayan culture used the Temazcal to enter a deep connection with the womb of mother earth and would enter days at a time to find the answers within themselves.


Temazcales are still preformed in Mexico. At Yäan, they are lead in a traditional way by our indigenous Mayan healers.


Ceremonies last 2.5 hours and are held in the evenings on certain moon calendar dates of the month. Before entering, ceremonies will start with a Copal cleansing ritual, a sacred herb brew is made to splash on volcanic rocks which are heated in the fire and are brought in throughout the 4 doors. Each door represents a cardinal point and spiritual purpose, and will be accompanied by songs and chants.


The Temazcal therapy aids in detoxification, helps the nervous system and skin cell renewal. It also is a deep cleansing experience for the mind and spirit and will feel as a rebirthing of the soul.


Join us for our Moon and Temazcales or book your private Ceremonial Temazcal.

Yäan’s campus is designed with luxury eco cabinas.


The fully equipped beautiful wooden cabinas can accommodate couple’s ritual and massage and are facilitated with copper bath tubs to enjoy Yäan’s healing baths. Surrounded by nature and organic elements, the eco -chic design of the spa allows you to enjoy spa treatments with privacy and serenity in a peaceful healing environment.

Join us at our Tree- Top Yoga Shala overlooking the jungle canopy. Classes held everday and vary styles of hatha and vinyasa flow.

Teachers bring a customized experience for the Yäan student and classes are suited for all levels. Our teachers have traveled the world and have extensive years of teachings which knowledge they translate to their practice and each class.


Join us for our new meditation class inspired by trans-Himalayan (Tibetan and Indian Vedanta) meditation traditions, that provide you with a complete method of meditation that you will be able to continue with at home to enhance every aspect of your life.


You may also reserve a private class with one of our Yäan Wellness teachers.

Daily Yoga Classes

10:00 am / 60min

Visitors: $25 USD
Locals: $100 MXN

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