Spa Packages

Let the layers of stress dissappear as you embark on a journey
At Yäan, we have specially designed spa rituals to ensure a truly transformative and beautiful experience.


Our packages combine more then one treatment and are unique spa experiences that will purify and cleanse body, mind and soul.  Spend a few hours at the spa and and let the layers of stress disappear as you embark on a journey of healing and bliss. We will look after your every need and treat you like royalty.


Choose from one of our crafted rituals or packages, or we can also combine your preferred treatments and personalize the experience to your needs. Whether you are in Tulum for a wedding or honeymoon, a spiritual awakening or tropical holiday, or to restore and cleanse, we have exactly what you are looking for.


*All Prices include 1 hour of the Healing Water Circuit of Steam, Sauna and Pools.


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