A variety of treatments will enliven body, mind and spirit.
A collection of the best and holisitic praticitioners from around the world and Mexico have found a home at Yäan. Healing hands offering different therapeutic modalities will soothe mind, body and soul and will leave you with a powerful lasting sense of well being.


All treatments begin with Yäan’s Healing Water Circuit which includes sauna, steam room, marble hammam room, and indoor and outdoor massage pools. Your healing water experience will prepare you to receive fully the benefits of each therapy.


Yäan Balancing Massage (60 min $210 / 90 min $305)
Our signature massage will help you find balance and serenity. In this holistic massage, your therapist will intuitively combine different techniques depending on your preference and needs. We use specific essential oils to inspire optimism vitality and wellness.


Deep Tissue ( 80 min / $310)
Treating the deep layer of muscles, this massage energizes, stimulates and helps increase oxygen flow. Varying levels of deep massage pressure will release and dissolve tension that can ease chronic pain, improve range of motion and overall wellbeing.


Swedish Style Massage (60 min $210/ 90 min $305)
A deeply relaxing massage, using long strokes with moderate pressure to eliminate toxins & ease muscle tension. An infusion of aromas are applied in key points to promote peace and tranquility.


Lymphatic Drainage Technique (60 min $235/ 90 min $315)
Delicate and pleasant with great benefits. This lymphatic drainage helps improve lymphatic circulation to reduce fluid retention. Feel lighter, free of toxins and uplifted by the citrus aromatherapy used in the massage.


Thai Temple Massage (90 min $320/ 120 min $355)
Much more than just a massage, you will enter into a sacred journey of release & renewal. Deep rhythmic ancient stretching & massage techniques are combined to restore the body’s equilibrium & wellbeing.


Prenatal Massage (60 min $210)
A magical stage of your life is about to begin. Relax and enjoy smooth, rhythmic circulation that helps you release muscle tension. A calm atmosphere of connection and love will be created for both mother and child.


Reflexology Massage (60 min $210/ 90 min $315)
This ancient art focuses on and stimulates the reflex points on your feet, hands, and head, which correspondingly unblock essential energetic flows in every area of the body and ignite your body’s own healing mechanisms.


Pre-Hispanic ancient techniques passed on through lineage of time and generations, our Mayan healers carry the light and healing power of this magical land and the shamanistic wisdom of their ancestral guides. Sacred herbs and indigenous Mayan healing reside in the heart of Yäan, bringing you a unique spa experience.


Sobada Maya (80 min $325)
A traditional Mayan massage using freshly picked native herbs, sacred copal and deep massage to heal and cleanse the body. This ancient technique starts with a relieving abdominal massage centered on the dispersion of energy and realignment of organs and proceeds to the whole body, stretching tendons and unblocking conjunctions while expanding energetic channels. After this therapy, you will feel liberated and a sense of self-renewal.


Traditional Energetic Limpia (30 min /$120 )
An ancient Mayan healing therapy, using a combination of traditional copal smoke therapy, herbs, egg absorption, and powerful instruments. Energetic limpias work to clean the etheric and subtle bodies so that full health and vibrancy can be restored mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically.
*Traditional Energetic Limpias can only be added to a 60 or 90 min treatment and not booked as a single treatment


Limpia Santiguada (60 min/ $235)
This longer Limpia uses copal therapy to prepare the mind, body and spirit for healing. A sacred infusion prepared with specific Mayan is massaged all over body, aiding in the dispossession of energies and blockages. As our healer works on freeing energetic channels and your body’s osteopathic structures while invoking ancient Mayan prayers and psalms, you will release deep rooted physical and emotional distresses.


Aztec Chakra Balancing Massage (90 min $315 )
An exclusive massage using floral oils designed by nature to assist in an internal healing process. Aztec floral oils house and allow the flowers vibrational energy to flow freely. This therapy includes a range of massage, creative visualization, and deep inquiry techniques specific to each individual, helping to unlock energetic blockages and develop our greater sense of consciousness.


Sacred Hot Stone Therapy (80 min /$310 )
Obsidian stones are sacred stones in the Mexican culture due to its mystic properties. The hot stones will guide you to one of the deepest states of relaxation. The contraction and relaxation of muscles simultaneously provide an invigorating sensation and nurtures body and soul.


Mayan Renaissance (90 min / $325)
Copal Auric cleansing, followed by a deep rhythmic massage with an infusion of rose petals and sacred Mayan herbs of rue, basil and rosemary. Opening you to the blessings of the universe, this treatment renews spirituality and self love.


Ceremonial Temazcal (2.5 hours /$550 per ceremony * additional cost over 5 pax ):
The Temazcal is a pre-Hispanic steam bath ceremony and represents the womb of mother earth. At Yäan, it is performed in Mexican traditional ceremony, with the help of the 4 spirits of the cardinal points, East: Quetzalcoatl; West:Hutzilipxtli; South: Chipitotec; North; Mictlanteculti. Its purpose is to re-inspect the interior of self and release the past, cleanse and detox spirit and body.



During the process, we thank our mother earth for all we have and asking gracefully to let us detach from that which no longer serves us. The heat and the healing herbs grants us a different type of spiritual cleanse – purifying the body, forgetting the outside world, feeling what really matters in the present moment. Upon leaving the temazcal, the sensation has been described as a rebirth experience and reuniting in the same world but with a clearer vision.


Garden Of Yäan (120 min/ $305)
Indulge and stimulate your senses with our invigorating botanical body exfoliation, followed by a holistic massage using aromatic coconut body butter. Your experience will end with a healing bath of freshly picked herbs, flowers, salts and soothing therapeutic oils.


Soothing Sun Therapy (90 min/$305)
Relieve & heal the skin of overexposure to the Caribbean sun. Enjoy a head and foot massage as the benefits of our healing mask of chamomile, aloe vera, lime tree blossom, clay and honey heal the body. This treatment ends with a light massage using Yäan’s specially blended body butter with lavender.


Crystal and Clay Temple (80 min/ $305)
In our Crystal and Clay treatment you will experience complete healing on all levels of mind, body and spirit. Charge and purify your body with enriched Mexican Clay, sacred crystals align your chakras in geometric healing with Quartz, Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, Labradorite and finish with a moisturizing massage with healing herbal body butter.


Yäan offers a range of unique energy treatments to help release blockages, heal on deep levels, harmonize the chakras and restore equilibrium and general wellbeing for the mind, body and spirit.


You may add a specific 30 min or 60 min Energy Treatment to any massage therapy of choice.


Limpia or Traditional Energetic Cleansing (30 min $120)
Traditional Mayan technique using Copal smoke, herbs, eggs, and the power of intuition to cleanse the body’s energetic field. Releases negative energy and purifies the auric channel. This ancient healing technique has been performed by healers in Mexico for thousands of years, and will have powerful results.


Reiki ( 30 min $120/ 60 min $215)
Traditional Japanese healing technique using universal force to restore energetic balance and help the body heal itself emotionally, physically and spiritually.


Biomagnetic Healing ( 80 min $305 / 110 min $325)
Detoxify your blood and boost your immune system by improving blood circulation and oxygenation restoring the body’s natural PH levels followed by our signature holistic Yäan balancing massage.


Sound Journey ( 1 pax 60 min $315 usd / 2pax 60 min $365 usd )
Surrender to a harmonious healing sound bath that renews each and every cell of your body. Through the use of several sacred shamanic instruments such as gongs, crystal & Tibetan bowls, Mayan shells, didgeridoo and others, the power of sound waves and vibrations will restore body, mind and spirit creating a sense of balance, harmony and peace. These magical sounds create a sense of relaxation by dissolving patterns of stress, worry and anxiety and taking you to a place of acceptance, balance and peace.



Sigh of Bliss  ( 1 pax 60 min $210 / 2 pax 60 min $330 )
Restore your harmony and flow with vibration frequencies of Tibetan singing bowls dancing as the vibrations travel through your body you will no longer be listening to the sounds but actually feeling them with the sound of the Universe Manifesting. The therapy is a magical concert personalized to your whole being. Combine this theraphy to any of our treatments for a deep relaxation.


Yäan’s healing herbal baths are prepared in beautiful copper bath tubs with fresh herbs from our rooftop garden, flowers, salts and essences. Ritual baths can be enjoyed in a private cabin as an add- on to any service.


Our menu of baths have been design to cleanse, relax, detox the body and mind, and purify your auric field.


Energy & Refresh (30min /$40)
Citric sea salts of grapefruit, orange, & mandarine
Rejuvenate your senses and tired muscles


Herbal Detox (30min /$40)
Sea Salt, rice seeds,verbena and lavender
Release toxins, softens skin and pores


Sensual & Relax (30min /$40)
Sea Salt, ylang ylang, lavender, rosemary
Heal and soothe your body senses.