2.5 hours/$770


Connect your souls and seduce your senses in our perfectly harmonized ritual for couples. Begin with a copal smoke therapy ritual to cleanse and purify energetic fields, continue with a sweet honey and almond scrub followed by a delicious nurturing chocolate wrap with and intention based massage incorporating rose quartz to attract love, wealth and happiness. End this union side by side in heart opening baths infused with lavender, herbs and flowers. Your hearts are connected and energetically harmonized.


– Copal Cleansing Ceremony
– Tropical Nut Body Scrub
– Chocolate Mayan Body Mask
– Rose Quartz Energy Healing and 60 min Body Massage
– Rosemary and Ylang Ylang Infused Bath


*All Prices include 1 hour of the Healing Water Circuit of Steam, Sauna and Pools.